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Mrs. Gali  Ishai

Over the last 20 years, Gali Ishai has been specializing in recruiting professional Human Resources for nursing and Med Care field.

During those years of experience, Mrs. Gali has recruited thousands of nurses and med care employees who have been under very strict Professional and Personal examinations including health and competence checks.

All our Nurses and Med Care employees are qualified according to the needs of the country they are designated to arrive at, including the local language. All go through a few weeks of language training at their native countries according to their final work destination.   

All our Nurses and Med Care employees are recruited from East Asia and East Europe.

from countries such as: Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Ukraine Moldova, Rumania, and Uzbekistan.

Mrs. Nofar Azor

Nofar Azor is in the Human Resources field since 2013, during her career, she recruited truck drivers and construction employees for a few companies in Canada ( 2013 ), recruited construction employees to Germany and the Netherland (2015) and welders to Israel ( 2016 ).

Mrs. Nofar has been gaining success in the Human resources field and throughout the years she has learned and obtained relevant skills and knowledge for recruitment and allocation of competent employees to customers. She is also an expert in handling all bureaucracy procedures needed in each country.

 Mrs. Nofar has a lot of experience in handling local authorities in promoting the process of relevant Visa obtaining.


During the years, Nofar and Gali have created and established a strong network of business connections at the mentioned counties which allows them to recruit excellent, qualified and loyal employees.

We would be more than glad to bring our rich experience into your business and be a part of your success.

In short:

Over the years, Gali and Nofar have created and established a broad network of connections in differet countries in East Europe and East Asia , which allowed them to expand their capabilities to recruit highly-skilled, loyal employees.

We would be happy to contribute our extensive experience and take part in the success of your business.


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