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Nothing satisfies an organization’s leader more than to see production lines operating at full capacity or customers who enjoy a courteous, top-quality service.
There is nothing more inspiring than seeing progress and growth of agricultural activity.

Hiring and integrating high-quality personnel has become the most significant challenge facing Western economies in the modern era, since the culture of affluence in western and northern Europe has created a shortage of nurses and auxiliary workers, as well as lack of personnel in service, hotel, production and agriculture sectors.

At Workflow, with nearly 20 years of experience in employee recruitment, integration and placement, we are part of the solution. Based on our global network of connections in the Commonwealth of Independent States and Eastern Europe, India and Southeast Asia, we are able to provide you with almost any amount of high-quality employees, who will make your organization stable and constantly growing.

Our work process begins on a local level – our Israeli branch receives a detailed job specification, based on which we conduct employee recruitment and hiring process aimed to select the most suitable employees from professional and personal perspective. Afterwards, our Operations Department handles all the technical and regulatory issues to ensure a smooth absorption in a country, to which the employees will relocate.

We are well-aware that integration of new employees is an expensive process, and that high employee turnover may negatively affect your business. Therefore, we support employee integration from the beginning of the process and throughout the entire tenure. That’s what we call “Success Management”.

Workflow runs activities in Europe and guarantees to provide any amount of top-quality professionals for long-term employment.

We would be happy to add you to our list of satisfied customers.

Gali Yishai and Nofar Azor

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